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Workstation & Server Upgrades

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Workstation & Server Upgrades

Depending on the use case, we typically recommend replacing workstations and servers every 3 to 5 years. Using equipment past its useful life can result in slowness, unexpected downtime, and negatively impact your business. We will evaluate your current workstations and servers and provide a comprehensive replacement plan.  Our process begins with an on-site survey, so we can fully document your existing environment as well as your goals. From there, our business and technical consultants will prepare a detailed upgrade plan, complete with specific hardware recommendations, and cost estimates.  This process will help you better understand, prepare, and budget for future technology upgrades. When you are ready to get started, we will be there to complete your upgrade during after hours to ensure your business experiences little to no interruption.

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Under contract with the world’s leading technology partners, we provide you with access to the hardware, software, connectivity, and cloud services end-users need to create a hybrid IT environment.

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