Cloud Migration

Cloud Migrations

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Cloud Migrations

The cloud allows for remote access and storage of data and applications using Web-based resources, rather than requiring physical appliances or redundancy mediums like tape or disk. The concept of cloud computing and software-as-a-service applies to a growing variety of IT-related services today: application delivery, remote access technology, email, e-commerce, hosting, and more. Small-medium businesses can benefit from the cloud in several ways. Leveraging the cloud can help your business keep up with the latest technologies, more easily scale, increase employee collaboration, and reduce IT hardware and maintenance costs.

M&N Communications accelerates the future of IT by providing access to the hardware, software and services business need to support the hybrid workplace of the future.

Whether you would like us to conduct the entire migration, or work hand in hand with your internal staff, our engineers will ensure your cloud migration is well planned and executed. We have tackled hundreds of migrations and have the experience to anticipate and avoid potential issues while ensuring your new cloud solution integrates with your existing software and processes.

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